Since I was young, I've been interested in roads and highways. I've had a map collection for as long as I can remember and even make my own maps though pen and paper and even the game SimCity. I also visited the Region 4 office of NYSDOT a couple of times and currently work for Region 1. I also enjoy working with computers, so building a website about roads from scratch felt like a natural fit.

Travel Mapping

I map out which roads and highways I have traveled on at the Travel Mapping site. The site allows users to keep track of segments of interstate, US and state (for selected states) highways, and selected freeways in the US, as well as some roads in other countries, such as the Trans-Canada Highway. The roads I have been on can be viewed on my Travel Mapping page.

County Tracking

While I don't aim specifically to visit individual counties, I do keep track of which ones I've visited. Statistics can be viewed on my county tracking page.

April Fool's Day Pranks