NY 365 and NY 49 form an expressway linking Rome to the Thruway at both ends and is a freeway on the eastern part connecting to Utica. There is a proposal from NYSDOT to move I-790 onto NY 49 and resign NY 365 as NY 790, which is currently held up due to the at-grade railroad crossing in Rome. This proposal would remove the at-grade intersections along the NY 365 corridor and allow for a 65 mph freeway to connect Rome to the Thruway in both directions.

The freeway would begin at Turning Stone near the Thruway interchange. The existing wye ramps could be retained with the traffic light replaced with an overpass and a trumpet design. The ramp to NY 365 westbound would be extended out and feed into the light with Turning Stone in order to prevent weaving. Alternatively, the design from the Thruway AET proposal could be utilized.

The Thruway interchange

The traffic light at NY 31 would be replaced with a half folded diamond interchange.

The NY 32 interchange

The traffic light with Spring Road would also be replaced with an interchange.

The Spring Road interchange

The intersections with Main Street and Old Oneida Road would be removed and Main Street would be extended to service the houses on that side of the road. These intersections and Hoag Road would be the only truncations; all other intersections not becoming interchanges would become overpasses.

The Main Street/Old Oneida Road intersections

A new interchange would be built with Greenway - New London Road.

The Greenway-New London Road interchange

The intersections (or "at-grade interchanges") with NY 26 and James Street would be combined into a single interchange. NY 26 would be re-routed onto School Road and James Street before beginning the overlap with this interchange.

The NY 26/James Street interchange

Finally, the turnarounds and minor side street movements in the NY 26/49/69/365 interchange would be eliminated and the at-grade rail crossing replaced with an underpass.