This page contains potential ideas for revising signage.

Interstate 87

Thruway Exit 16

Only US 6, NY 17, and Harriman are signed. This redesign adds NY 32 and the control city of Binghamton. The space for I-86 can be left blank with the shield added if/when I-86 extends to I-87.

I-87/Thruway exit 16

Interstate 490

Exit 13

With the Inner Loop removal on the eastern side along Union Street, it no longer makes much of a loop. I propose realigning and extending NY 96 from Union Street to the Inner Loop and then along the remaining freeway portion to end at I-490. The first sign represents eastbound; the second represents westbound.

I-490 exit 13 eastbound I-490 exit 13 westbound

Exit 15

Similarly to exit 13, the signage for exit 15 would be changed to reflect the Inner Loop removal.

I-490 exit 15

Exit 24

Currently, the signage for exit 24 only mentions East Rochester, and not that it connects to Commercial Street.

I-490 exit 24

Interstate 890

Exit 6

Currently, only Michigan Avenue is signed. The addition of Brandywine Avenue is on the Schenectady 2020 Comprehensive Plan and would better serve the area as Michigan Avenue turns into Brandywine Avenue at the interchange.

I-890 exit 6