This page contains potential interchange ideas for the Thruway in the hypothetical scenario that toll collection became E-ZPass only.

Exits 1-17

No change

Exit 18

Exit 18 would be an easy replacement. Part of the existing exit would be retained for access to the parking lot.

Interchange 18

Exit 19

Exit 19 was a challenging replacement due to terrain, development, and the large amount of directions traffic can go. Ultimately, I settled on two partial interchanges, one on I-587/NY 28, and one on US 209. The Thruway overpass would be re-purposed as a new access to the plaza, eliminating the at-grade intersection, and Washington Avenue re-aligned onto Sawkill Road at a new interchange with I-587.

Interchange 19 south end
Interchange 19 north end

Exit 20

No change

Exit 21

While a direct connection to NY 23 would be ideal, the terrain and traffic counts make it cost prohibitive.

Interchange 21

Exit 21B

Exit 21B currently serves Coxsackie and Ravena, both of which are several miles apart and along I-87. As such, this design splits it into two interchanges.

Southern interchange 21B
Northern interchange 21B

Exit 21A

No change

Exit 22

This design replaces the existing trumpet with a simple folded diamond.

Interchange 22

Exit 23

Exit 23 has been known to back up into the travel lanes of the Thruway at times during commuting hours. While this would be alleviated simply by removing the toll barrier, sometimes traffic backs up to the barrier due to the traffic light on the ramp to US 9W. This design removes that light, allowing traffic to flow freely. It also straightens out I-787. For the most part it keeps the same right of way, however Noonan Lane was re-aligned to provide more room for the trumpet on US 9W.

Interchange 23

Exit 24

Exit 24 is an interchange that has been talked about for a long time. The two ramps carrying I-87 in particular are noteworthy for being a sharp curve on what is actually the mainline of I-87. At one time there was a Thruway proposal to built E-ZPass only ramps connecting to the stub of the Northway that was to be I-87 parallel to the Thruway (down to I-787), but that proposal appears to have been postponed indefinately. This proposal revives that idea (with the twist of the Thruway existing itself, as it would essentially become express ramps to/from I-87 south and I-90 west). There is also an interchange with US 20 to replace the access lost by removing the Northway stub.

Interchange 24 south end

Moving further north, I added a partial interchange with Washington Avenue Extension which essentially replaces the ramps to Crossgates Mall, as well as providing access to Crossgates Commons and other businesses on Washington Avenue Extension, and providing a bypass for US 20 between NY 155 and the Northway. Aside from the connections with this interchange, the interchange between I-87 and I-90 would remain unaltered, though I-90 could be straightened through former exit 24 and the left entrance of the Thruway to I-90 westbound removed.

i Interchange 24 north end

For another take on this interchange, see this design by Adam Froehlig.

Exits 25-26

No change

Exit 27

For exit 27, noting that NY 30 functions as a small, substandard freeway between the Thruway interchange and Amsterdam, the design was laid out such that a freeway-freeway connection exists to and from the north, with an at-grade intersection for traffic to/from the south. Access to the private businesses would be maintained via a new street connecting via NY 5S.

Interchange 27

Exits 28-29A

No change due to development and terrain.

Exit 30

For exit 30, the redesign is simple and simply removes the bridge.

Interchange 30

Exit 31

Exit 31 connects the Thruway to I-790 in Utica. This connection has not been direct when exiting the Thruway since I-790 was upgraded from a super-2 with an at-grade ramp to a divided freeway; Genesee St needs to be used. It's also interesting in that I-790/NY 5 and NY 49 run parallel to the Thruway for a few miles. Under this idea, I-790 and NY 49 would become collector/distributor lanes for the Thruway. NY 5 would be re-routed from Leland Ave to Genesee St and the Genesee St interchange rebuilt to allow full movements in all directions. While some of the plaza north of the Thruway would need to be taken, there is plenty of land available from the current right of way for development.

Interchange 31 east end

Moving further west, the next feature of redesigned exit 31 includes an optional change with respect to River Rd, removing the redundant ramp from NY 5/8/12 north to River Rd and replacing it with a ramp from River Rd to I-90/NY 49 west, adding in a missing movement from the SUNY IT Parkway interchange to the west.

Interchange 31 center

At the west end of the interchange, in addition to the slip ramps from I-90 to the collector/distributor lanes (current NY 49), I have also included optional flyover ramps to NY 49, requiring ramp re-alignment at the Cavanaugh Rd interchange to make room. This would improve access to/from the west for the town of Marcy and Utica's western suburbs. An interchange between the Thruway and NY 49 is on the Herkimer Oneida Counties Transportation Study long range plan.

Interchange 31 west

Exit 32

Exit 32 is a folded diamond with NY 233 in order to provide room for the Oneida Service Area.

Interchange 32

Exit 33

The exit 33 redesign removes the traffic light and provides freeway speed connections for most movements, connecting Rome to the west and providing quicker access to the Turning Stone casino.

Interchange 33

Exit 34

Exit 34 is a simple diamond with NY 13.

Interchange 34

Exits 34A-37

No change due to roadway geometry and development.

Exit 38

Exit 38 is a simple folded diamond.

Interchange 38

Exit 39

No change due to proximity to exisiting interchanges.

Exit 40

Exit 40 becomes a half folded diamond utilizing the edges of the westbound ramps.

Interchange 40

Exit 41

Exit 41 becomes a half folded diamond utilizing the existing eastbound ramps.

Interchange 41

Exit 42

No change due to the rail line and the traffic utilizing NY 318.

Exit 43

Like exit 41, exit 43 becomes a half folded diamond utilizing the existing eastbound ramps.

Interchange 43

Exit 44

No change

Exit 45

For exit 45, the existing trumpet would be replaced with flyovers. These flyovers would allow eastbound traffic to proceed at full speed and for the less utilized movements to enter and exit I-490 on the right.

Interchange 45

Exit 46

Exit 46 would be replaced with a stack interchange. Collector/distributor lanes would connect the stack to the existing interchange with NY 253.

Interchange 46

Exit 47

No change due to low traffic volumes.

Exit 48

No change due to development and traffic using Park Road.

Exit 48A

Exit 48A becomes a folded diamond. The park and ride would remain with access from NY 77.

Interchange 48A

Exit 49

Exit 49 becomes a SPUI with Maple Drive being truncated and re-routed down to an extension of Aero Drive. The hotel across from the existing Thruway exit would be converted to a right-in-right-out with primary access from the new Maple Drive. The businesses on the northwest side of the SPUI could either utilize access management or move to the extended Aero Drive.

Interchange 49

Exits 50-54

No change

Exits 55-56

No change due to development

Exit 57

Exit 57 becomes a half folded diamond.

Interchange 57

Exit 57A

Exit 57A becomes a folded diamond.

Interchange 57A

Exit 58

Exit 58 would be moved to Alleghany Road, which would become a reference route. The removal of existing exit 58 would allow for East and West Spears Road to be reconnected.

Interchange 58

Exit 59

No change due to development

Exit 60

Exit 60 would have the bridge across the Thruway removed and the directions separated. The intersections involving westbound exit 60 and Main Street would be consolodated.

Interchange 60

Exit 61

The existing interchange with Shortman Road would be removed with Shortmand Road reverting to local jurisdiction (it's currently a reference route). A new interchange would be constructed at NY 76.

Interchange 61

Exit B1

Exit B1 would be reconfigured to allow for freeway speed movements on I-90 and remove left exits.

Interchange B1

Exits B2-B3

No change