This proposal is for a freeway connecting I-87 to the US 4 freeway in Vermont. It could be designated as a spur of I-87. This would involve a quarter mile of new freeway in Vermont and a 28.6 mile long freeway in New York.

The US 4 Connector

Exit 1: Interstate 87

This exit would be signed as "Exit 1A: I-87 South Albany/Glens Falls" and "Exit 1B: I-87 North Lake George/Montreal".

Exit 1

Exit 3: Bay Road

This interchange is optional.

Exit 3

Exit 4: NY 9L Ridge Road

Exit 4

Exit 7: West Fort Ann

Exit 7

Exit 11: US 4/NY 149 Fort Ann

Exit 11

Exit 16: NY 22 Comstock/Granville

Exit 16

Exit 24: Washington CR 18 Whitehall

Exit 24

Vermont Exit 1

Only a small amount of work would be needed in Vermont. In addition to the freeway connection to New York, an interchange with VT 4A would be needed, as would an overpass over the railroad crossing near Rutland. The interchange uses already existing pavement for an abandoned interchange.

Vermont Exit 1