I-190 is a highway running from the mainline Thruway through downtown Buffalo to Niagara Falls and Canada. Originally numbered I-90N prior to the elimination of most suffixed interstates, the majoirty of the route south of Niagara Falls is maintained by the Thruway Authority as the Niagara Thruway. The exit numbers and mileposts on the Niagara Thruway officially have a N prefix (which is not shown on exit signs). The Buffalo Toll Barrier (northbound after I-90) and the Black Rock Toll Barrier (southbound before the Peace Bridge) were both removed due to complaints by the city of Buffalo as part of a deal with the state that included the removal of I-84 from the Thruway system. It is the only signed three digit interstate to cross an international border.

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Erie County
Speed Limit 55
N0.0 I-190 north Thruway north Exits 1-52
I-90 East
Buffalo Airport
N0.0 Exits 54-61
I-90 West
N0.7 Exit 1
South Ogden Street
Dingens Street
Exit 1
South Ogden Street
N1.5 Exit 2
US 62 NY 354
Bailey Avenue
Clinton Street
N2.2 Exit 3
NY 16
Seneca Street
N3.1 Exit 4
Smith Street
Fillmore Avenue
N3.9 Exit 5
Hamburg Street
Exit 5
Louisiana Street
N4.6 Exit 6
Elm Street
N4.9 Exit 7
NY 5
Buffalo Outer Harbor
N5.3 Exit 7
Church Street
N5.8 Exit 8
NY 266
Niagara Street
N6.5 Exit 9
Peace Bridge
Fort Erie Canada
Niagara Street
Exit 9
Porter Avenue
Peace Bridge
Fort Erie Canada
N8.7 Exit 11
NY 198
Scajaquada Expressway
N9.1 Exit 12
Amherst Street
N9.4 Exit 13
Austin Street
N9.9 Exit 14
Ontario Street
N10.4 Exit 14
Vulcan Street
No trucks over 5 tons
N12.4 Exit 15
NY 324
Kenmore Avenue
Sheridan Drive
NY 324 officially joins I-190 at this point but is not signed as such.
N13.3 Exit 16
I-290 East To I-90
I-190 north NY 324 west Thruway north I-190 south Thruway south
N14.2 Exit 17
NY 266
River Road
NY 324
Tonawanda Toll
N15.4 Exit 18A
NY 324 West
Grand Island Boulevard
I-190 north Thruway north I-190 south NY 324 east Thruway south
N15.4 Exit 18B
Beaver Island State Park
Exit 18
Beaver Island State Park
Speed Limit 65 Speed Limit 55
N17.2 Exit 19
Whitehaven Road
Western New York Welcome Center
I-190 south Thruway south
N19.3 Exit 20
Long Road
Exit 20B
NY 324
Long Road
Grand Island Parkway
I-190 north NY 324 west Thruway north
N19.6 Exit 20A
West River Parkway
Speed Limit 55 Speed Limit 65
Niagara Toll
Niagara County Erie County
N21.1 Exit 21
NY 384
Niagara Scenic Parkway
Buffalo Avenue
Exit 21
NY 384
Buffalo Avenue
NY 324 ends
I-190 north I-190 south NY 324 east Thruway south
Speed Limit 65 Speed Limit 55
21.5 Exit 21A
LaSalle Expressway
22.1 Exit 22
US 62
Niagara Falls Boulevard
23.6 Exit 23
NY 182
Porter Road
Packard Road
25.9 Exit 24
NY 31
Witmer Road
Speed Limit 55
Speed Limit 45 Speed Limit 65
27.6 Exit 25A
NY 265
27.6 Exit 25B
NY 104
Niagara Scenic Parkway
Last US Exit
Exit 25
NY 104
Niagara Scenic Parkway
Speed Limit 35 Speed Limit 55
27.9 United States Customs
Speed Limit 15 Speed Limit 35
ON 405 west I-190 south QEW
To Toronto
Maximum 20 km/h Speed Limit 15
28.3 Canada
Niagara Regional Municipality
United States
New York
Niagara County