Interstate 590 is a short freeway connecting I-390 to I-490 and part of Rochester's "Outer Loop", originally designated NY 47. The freeway is continued as NY 590, which used to extend to Culver Road at Lake Ontario, prior to a project to replace the divided highway with a two lane parkway. The I-590 designation was planned to cover the entire Outer Loop, but was truncated to I-390 when the extension of I-390 along NY 15 to downtown Rochester was cancelled. The designation was also planned to extend to NY 104, but this was denied by FHWA.

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Monroe County
Speed Limit 55
0.0 I-590 north I-390 North
0.7 I-390 South To I-90
1.5 Exit 1
Winton Road
First diverging diamond interchange in New York
3.0 Exit 2
NY 31
Monroe Avenue
Exit 2B
NY 31 East
Monroe Avenue
3.3 Exit 2A
NY 31 West
Monroe Avenue
3.8 Exit 3
Elmwood Avenue
Former NY 47
4.6 Exit 4
Highland Avenue
5.1 Exit 5
Downtown Rochester
Also known as the Can of Worms
NY 590 north I-590 south
5.7 Exit 6
Blossom Road
Former NY 286A
6.3 Exit 7
NY 286
Browncroft Boulevard
7.7 Exit 8
NY 404
Empire Boulevard
Former US 104
8.5 Exit 9
Norton Street
Bayview Road
Access from NY 590 south and to NY 590 north removed due to proximity to NY 104
9.2 Exit 10A
NY 104 West
9.4 Exit 10B
NY 104 East
Stubs exist on NY 104 for the NY 590 south to NY 104 east and NY 104 west to NY 590 north ramps.
9.7 Exit 11
Ridge Road
Signage denoting exit 11 removed on NY 590 south in 2012 due to Sea Breeze Drive.
Signage directs NY 590 south traffic to NY 104 to exit here.
Former NY 18
10.0 Sunrise Cresent Orland Road At-Grade Intersection
Kane Drive
Speed Limit 45 Speed Limit 55
10.2 Titus Avenue
Titus Avenue Ext.
NY 590 truncated here in 2009 due to Sea Breeze Drive
Sea Breeze Drive North NY 590 south
10.5 Seneca Road Roundabout
11.1 Point Pleasant Road Roundabout
11.3 Durand Boulevard
Peart Avenue
11.4 Parking Area At-grade intersection
11.4 Parking Area
11.8 Parking Area At-grade intersection
11.9 Culver Road Sea Breeze Drive South At-grade intersection
Re-aligned from former north end of NY 590 near the bridge
Speed Limit 45
Monroe County