Part of Mt. Read Boulevard is a partially limited access expressway. The majority of junctions are at-grade, but some interchanges exist. Most property access is via frontage roads, however some driveways are on the roadway. A study was conducted to find ways to make the road safer and improve access for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Monroe County
Speed Limit 45
0.9 Mt. Read Boulevard North Mt. Read Boulevard South
NY 31
Lyell Avenue
Expressway Ends
1.2 Ferrano Street At-grade intersection
1.5 Emerson Street At-grade intersection
1.9 Lexington Avenue At-grade intersection
2.5 Driving Park Avenue At-grade intersection
2.9 Ridgeway Avenue
3.4 Kodak Park
3.6 NY 104 East
Ridge Road
3.6 NY 104 West
Ridge Road
3.9 Mt. Read Boulevard Service Road At-grade intersection
4.0 Joanne Drive At-grade intersection
Speed Limit 35 Speed Limit 45
4.2 Medimount Drive At-grade intersection
4.2 Mt. Read Boulevard Service Road
4.3 Rosecroft Drive At-grade intersection
4.4 Mt. Read Boulevard North
Stone Road
Expressway Ends
Mt. Read Boulevard South
Speed Limit 35
Monroe County