NY 12

NY 12 has a freeway segment in and near Utica and forms Utica's north-south arterial. North of Utica, the divided highway continues through Remsento Alder Creek. The route is a major highway, connecting Binghamton to Utica and Utica to Lowville, Watertown, and the Thousand Islands. NY 12 has no milemarkers; this list counts from the route beginning near Binghamton.

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Oneida County
Speed Limit 55
79.9 NY 5 east NY 12 north NY 12 south
NY 5 West NY 12B South
Freeway Ends
80.3 Wilbur Road
Railroad Crossing
NY 5 east NY 8 north NY 12 north NY 5 west NY 12 south
80.6 NY 8 South
New Hartford
80.6 NY 840 West
80.9 Lomond Place Lomond Place
To Chenango Road
To New Hartford Street
81.6 French Road
82.3 Burrstone Road
Lincoln Avenue
Burrstone Road
New York Mills
Speed Limit 40 Speed Limit 55
82.9 Oswego Street At-grade intersection
83.1 Noyes Street At-grade intersection
Speed Limit 55 Speed Limit 40
83.7 Court Street Court Street
Arts District
Brewery District
I-790 east NY 5 east NY 8 north NY 12 north NY 5 west NY 8 south NY 12 south
84.0 NY 5A NY 5S
Oriskany Street
NY 5A West NY 5S East
Downtown Utica
85.2 To I-90 I-790 East NY 12 East NY 49 West
To I-90 I-790 East NY 12 East
NY 8 north NY 12 north I-790 west NY 5 west NY 8 south NY 12 south
85.2 NY 49 West
85.3 River Road
85.5 Shopping Center
86.0 To Mulaney Road
Horatio Street
86.7 Horatio Street
Seymour Road
87.1 Trenton Road
Glass Factory Road
Holland Patent
Glass Factory Road
Trenton Road
CR 36 CR 91
89.9 NY 8 North
NY 8 North
NY 12 north NY 8 south NY 12 south
93.4 Putnam Road
South Trenton
CR 91
94.1 NY 12 north
Freeway Ends
NY 12 south
Speed Limit 55
Oneida County