NY 23

NY 23 is an east-west road running through central New York and the Catskills to Massachusetts. In the 1960s, it was realigned onto a limited access expressway bypassing Catskill and Cairo. The majority of the former routing is CR 23B, however the portion connecting NY 23 to the Thruway is reference route 911V.

Mile Eastbound Westbound Notes
Greene County
Speed Limit 55
119.8 NY 23 east NY 23 west
Expressway Ends
119.8 NY 23 West NY 145 North NY 145 North
East Durham
At-grade crossing
119.9 CR 84 At-grade intersection
NY 23 east NY 32 south NY 23 west
120.3 NY 32 North NY 85
At-grade intersection
121.0 Bross Street
CR 41
At-grade intersection
121.4 NY 32 South
At-grade intersection
NY 23 east NY 23 west NY 32 north
122.0 CR 23B
Main Street
At-grade intersection
122.8 Silver Spur Road East At-grade intersection
123.5 Ross Ruland Road At-grade intersection
124.2 Parking Area
125.0 Cairo Junction Road CR 46
At-grade intersection
125.9 Five Mile Woods Road At-grade intersection
126.7 Cauterskill Road CR 47
At-grade intersection
128.0 Leeds
Jefferson Heights
CR 23B
129.1 US 9W South
At-grade intersection
129.3 NY 23 east
US 9W North
Expressway Ends
NY 23 west
Speed Limit 40 Speed Limit 55
Greene County