NY 441

NY 441 connects Rochester's eastern suburbs, running from NY 96 to NY 350. Originally following Penfield Road, NY 441 was realigned onto a divided highway between I-490 and Penfield in 1971.

Mile Eastbound Westbound Notes
Monroe County
Speed Limit 40
0.2 NY 441 east NY 441 west
I-490 East
Expressway Ends
0.2 I-490 West At-grade intersection
0.4 Glen Road
Kirk Drive
Astor Drive
At-grade intersection
0.6 Linden Avenue
Linden Oaks Avenue
At-grade intersection
Speed Limit 55 Speed Limit 40
1.3 Linden Avenue At-grade intersection
2.0 NY 153
Washington Street
Panorama Trail
Penfield Road
Speed Limit 35 Speed Limit 55
2.5 NY 441 east
Penfield Road
Linear Park
Expressway Ends
NY 441 west
Speed Limit 35
Monroe County