Robert Moses State Parkway

The Niagara Scenic Parkway, formerly the Robert Moses State Parkway, runs along the Niagara River from I-190 to Fort Niagara State Park. At one time, it was a continuous highway, traveling through Niagara Falls State Park and under the Rainbow Bridge. The first segments were opened in 1962, and the entire parkway to NY 18 east of Fort Niagara was completed by 1968.

The Robert Moses State Parkway in Niagara Falls State Park

The section within Niagara Falls State Park (imagery from Historic Aerials 1972) was removed in the 1980s to restore the park's original layout, making the parkway discontinuous and requiring the use of NY 384. In part of the Park, one way of traffic was maintained, and the other carriageway was used for parking until recently. This section was converted into a one-way "Riverway" with trails.

1972 interchange at end of present southern section
2011 interchange at end of southern section
Current roundabout at end of southern section, showing Riverway construction

The interchange at the end of the present day southern section was modified after the Parkway was removed, and was recently rebuilt as a roundabout for the Riverway project.

1972 interchange at the end of the present single carriageway
2011 end of the single carriageway

A single carriageway continues through the park, feeding traffic onto local streets. Previously, this was an interchange connecting to the bridge to Goat Island.

1972 interchange at the former end of the present northren section
2011 interchange at the former end of the northern section
2016 end of the northern section

The southern end of the present northern section was once an interchange and was modified with the section in the park was removed. It was modified again to change the end of the northern section into a single two-way carriageway. Much of the rest of the northern section was converted into a single two-way carriageway in the 2000s as part of a pilot program to convert the southbound carriageway into a multi-use path. In 2018 the parkway was again truncated, this time to Findlay Drive, with traffic moved onto Whirlpool Street.

1972 interchange at the Whirlpool Bridge
2016 intersection near the Whirlpool Bridge

The interchange with the Whirlpool Bridge was changed into an at-grade intersection with Findlay Drive to maintain access. This is the present end of the northern section of the parkway.

1972 interchange with I-190
Present interchange with I-190

The interchange with I-190 was modified to preserve access to the southbound parkway from I-190 when the parkway was modified. This resulted in the removal of access to I-190 from the northbound parkway (the southbound parkway never had direct access to I-190). Further north of here, between I-190 and the interchange with NY 104 and NY 18F, the road widens back to two carriageways. At the northern end, graded ramps show evidence of the planned eastern extension, as does the stub on the Lake Ontario State Parkway.

Northern end of the Robert Moses State Parkway
Western end of the Lake Ontario State Parkway