New York State Roads - Fuller Road Alternate Exit List

The Adirondack Northway has a southern extension from the I-87/I-90 junction to US 20. This extension is a remnant from plans to run I-87 parallel to the Thruway to I-787 and is numbered as reference route 910F. It is known as Fuller Road Alternate in NYSDOT's databases. The sourthern stub with US 20 was modified to include a loop ramp from US 20 eastbound and an interchange was constructged with Crossgates Mall (the mall built the ramp to the mall; the ramp to the Northway was constructed later by the Town of Guilderland).

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Albany County
Speed Limit 55 Speed Limit 45
0.0 Fuller Road Alternate North US 20
Western Avenue
At-grade intersection
0.3 Crossgates Mall Road
Prepare to stop in exit lane
Speed Limit 45
0.9 Exit 1E
I-90 East
0.9 Exit 1W
I-87 South Thruway I-90 West
New York
0.9 I-87 North
Fuller Road Alternate South
Speed Limit 55
Albany County