New York State Roads - Cross County Parkway Exit List

Cross County Parkway

The Cross County Parkway is an east-west freeway across southern Westchester County connecting the Saw Mill River Parkway and the Hutchinson River Parkway. Initially a four lane undivided parkway, a toll barrier in Fleetwood was removed in the early 1950s, and reconstruction as a modern highway was complete by 1984. A proposal to extend it to the Playland Parkway was cancelled in the 1970s.

Mile Eastbound Westbound Notes
Westchester County
Speed Limit 45
0.0 Cross County Parkway east Saw Mill River Parkway South
New York City
0.0 Exit 1
Rumsey Road
0.0 Exit 2
Saw Mill River Parkway North
0.4 Exit 3
Midland Avenue
Yonkers Avenue
Exit 3
Yonkers Avenue East
1.3 Exit 4S
I-87 South
Central Park Avenue
1.3 Exit 4N
I-87 North
Central Park Avenue
1.8 Exit 5
Kimball Avenue
Midland Avenue
2.2 Exit 6
Bronx River Parkway
Sprain Brook Parkway
2.5 Exit 7
West Broad Street
Gramatan Avenue
Speed Limit 50 Speed Limit 45
3.2 Exit 8
NY 22
North Columbus Avenue
Mount Vernon
3.5 Exit 9
Hutchinson River Parkway South
Whitestone Bridge
4.1 Exit 10
New Rochelle Road
4.6 Hutchinson River Parkway North
To Merritt Parkway
Cross County Parkway west
Speed Limit 50
Westchester County