New York State Roads - FDR Drive/Harlem River Drive Exit List

FDR Drive, originally named East River Drive, is a freeway running along the eastern edge of Manhattan. It is extended by Harlem River Drive (an upgrade of the original Harlem River Speedway). Exit 6 for 15th Street was closed after 9/11 due to proximity to an electric substation.

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
New York County
Borough of Manhattan
Speed Limit 40
0.0 FDR Drive north NY 9A North To I-278
West Street
Hugh L. Carey Tunnel
0.6 Exit 1
South Street
All commercial vehicles
Exit 1
Battery Park
Staten Island Ferry
1.4 Exit 2
Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan Civic Center
2.1 Exit 3
South Street
Manhattan Bridge
All commercial traffic
2.6 Exit 4
Grand Street
3.0 Exit 5
Houston Street
Williamsburg Bridge
3.9 Exit 7
East 20th - East 33rd Street
All commercial vehicles
4.4 Exit 8
To I-495
East 34th Street
Midtown Tunnel
Exit 7
East 23rd Street
All commercial vehicles
5.2 Exit 9
East 42nd Street
All vehicles over 9'-6''
Exit 8
To I-495
Midtown Tunnel
East 34th Street
5.4 Exit 10
East 49th Street
5.8 Exit 11
East 53rd Street
6.3 Exit 12
NY 25 East
East 61st Street
Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge
Exit 12
NY 25 East
East 63rd Street
Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge
6.8 Exit 13
East 71st Street
8.1 Exit 14
East 96th Street
8.6 Exit 15
East 106th Street
9.1 Exit 16
East 116th Street
Vehicles over 12'-6'' or 8000 pounds
9.6 Exit 17
Robert F. Kennedy Bridge
Bruckner Expressway
Grand Central Parkway
Harlem River Drive north FDR Drive south
9.7 Exit 18
To I-87
Willis Avenue Bridge
Major Deegan Expressway
9.8 Exit 19
East 125th Street
Exit 19
2nd Avenue
East 125th Street
All trucks
10.4 Exit 21
East 135th Street
Madison Avenue Bridge
Exit 20
Park Avenue
East 132nd Street
10.9 Exit 22
5th Avenue
West 142nd Street
11.7 Exit 23
8th Avenue
West 155th Street
12.1 Exit 23
Frederick Douglass Boulevard
West 155th Street
12.8 Exit 24
I-95 South
George Washington Bridge
Amsterdam Avenue
West 179th Street
Speed Limit 30 Speed Limit 40
13.8 Dyckman Street
10th Avenue
Harlem River Drive south At-grade intersection
Speed Limit 30
New York County
Borough of Manhattan