New York State Roads - I-290 Exit List


I-290 is a short freeway connecting the northern portions of I-190 with the Thruway. Combined with parts of I-90 and I-190, it's the closest thing Buffalo has to a beltway. It mainly handles local traffic and through traffic from the east to/from Niagara Falls and Toronto (and Michigan before 9/11).

Mile Eastbound Westbound Notes
Erie County
Speed Limit 55
0.0 I-290 east I-190 South
0.0 I-190 North
Niagara Falls
2.2 Exit 1
Elmwood Avenue
Exit 1A
NY 384 South
Delaware Avenue
2.2 Exit 1B
NY 384 North
Delaware Avenue
3.3 Exit 2
NY 425
Colvin Boulevard
4.9 Exit 3A
US 62 South
Niagara Falls Boulevard
4.9 Exit 3B
US 62 North
Niagara Falls Boulevard
5.8 Exit 4
I-990 North
State University at Buffalo
North Campus
7.0 Exit 5A
NY 263 South
Millersport Highway
7.0 Exit 5B
NY 263 North
Millersport Highway
7.6 Exit 6
NY 324 NY 240
Sheridan Drive
Harlem Road
9.3 Exit 7A
NY 5 East
Main Street
9.3 Exit 7B
NY 5 West
Main Street
9.8 Exits 51-61
I-90 East
9.8 Exits 1-49
I-90 West
I-290 west Thruway
Speed Limit 55
Erie County