New York State Roads - I-684 Exit List


I-684 connects I-287 to I-84 east of the Hudson. Signage for I-684 extends a little past I-84 to the interchange with US 6 and NY 22, with the freeway becoming two-lane NY 22. The road was planned as a realignment of NY 22 (and was signed as such during construction), then part of I-87, and finally I-684 when I-87 was moved onto the Thruway west of the Hudson. The short dip into Connecticut is maintained by NYSDOT.

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Westchester County
Speed Limit 55
0.0 I-684 north I-287 East
0.0 I-287 West
White Plains
Westchester Avenue
0.6 Exit 1
Hutchinson River Parkway
Maximum Height 9' - 2"
New York City
Passenger Cars Only
Speed Limit 65 Speed Limit 55
4.1 Exit 2
NY 120
Westchester County Airport
Fairfield County
New York
Westchester County
New York
Westchester County
Fairfield County
7.3 Exit 3N
NY 22 North
7.3 Exit 3S
NY 22 South
Exit 3
NY 22
12.4 Exit 4
NY 172
Mount Kisco
15.0 Bedford Rest Area
16.7 Exit 5
NY 117
Saw Mill River Parkway
17.5 Exit 6
NY 35
Cross River
18.9 Exit 6A
NY 22 To NY 138
Goldens Bridge
22.2 Exit 7
NY 116
23.8 Exit 8
Hardscrabble Road
Croton Falls
Putnam County Westchester County
25.2 Brewster Rest Area
Truck Inspection
Speed Limit 55 Speed Limit 65
28.0 Exit 9E
I-84 East
28.0 Exit 9W
I-84 West
NY 22 north I-684 south
28.2 Exit 10
US 6 US 202 NY 22 South
28.2 NY 22 North
NY 22 south
Speed Limit 55
Putnam County

Spur Route

I-684 is connected to the Hutchinson River Parkway via a short freeway branching off of both roads, connecting the two. The connecting road also has an exit with Manhattanville Road. The road essentially acts as another branch of I-684.

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Westchester County
Speed Limit 55
0.0 To I-684 North Hutchinson River Parkway South
Passenger Cars Only
0.4 Manhattanville Road Manhattanville Road
All Commercial Vehicles Exit
1.1 I-684 North
To Hutchinson River Parkway South
Speed Limit 55
Westchester County