New York State Roads - I-781 Exit List


I-781 is a short interstate running from I-81 to Fort Drum. It serves as a bypass of NY 342 (formerly the busiest two lane road in the state) for traffic to both the fort and the north country via US 11. Design began in 2003 and construction concluded in 2012; the road was designated NY 781 internally before being added to the interstate system during construction by FHWA.

Mile Eastbound Westbound Notes
Jefferson County
Speed Limit 65 Speed Limit 45
0.0 I-781 east Exit 1B
I-81 South
0.0 Exit 1A
I-81 North
Speed Limit 45
Speed Limit 55
Speed Limit 55
Speed Limit 45
4.4 Exit 4
US 11
US 11
Speed Limit 25 Speed Limit 65
4.8 Fort Drum
Main Gate
I-781 west
Speed Limit 25
Jefferson County