New York State Roads - I-78 Exit List


I-78 continues into New York from New Jersey through the Holland Tunnel. It was planned to continue via the cancelled Lower Manhattan Expressway, across the Williamsburg Bridge, the cancelled Bushwick Expressway, the Nassau Expressway, and the Clearview Expressway (which would have extended south to JFK), with a spur to I-95 north; portions of this planned route were renumbered to I-878, I-295, and I-695.

Mile Eastbound Westbound Notes
0.0 New York
New York County
Borough of Manhattan
New Jersey
Hudson County
Speed Limit 35
I-78 east I-78 west
0.7 I-78 west
0.9 Exit 1
West Street
1.0 Exit 2
Hudson Street
1.0 Exit 3
1.0 Exit 4
1.1 Exit 5
Canal Street East
At-grade intersection
Speed Limit 35
New York County
Borough of Manhattan