New York State Roads - I-/NY 890 Exit List

Interstate 890 is a short freeway serving Schenectady and providing access between the Thruway and downtown. Most of the freeway was built by 1974, with the westernmost section built in the late 80s. This section replaced NY 5S, which ran along Rice Road (part of which is now the GE service road, and part of which was upgraded into I-890) and Erie Boulevard to end at NY 5. Plans called for an extension across the Mohawk River, and at one time, further into Saratoga County as a western bypass of NY 50 in Glenville. A piece of this extension was built in 1998 as NY 890. I-890 was given mile-based exit numbers as part of an experiment in the 1970s.

Mile Eastbound Westbound Notes
Schenectady County
Speed Limit 55
0.0 NY 890 east NY 5
At-grade intersection
0.5 Exit 1A
Rotterdam Junction
Former freeway end
I-890 east I-890 west
0.8 Exit 1B
I-90 Thruway
I-890 officially goes down the exit to end at the Thruway
3.1 Exit 2
NY 337
Campbell Road
Exit 2A
NY 337
Campbell Road
3.1 Exit 2B
Rice Road
3.5 Exit 3
GE Truck Terminal
4.4 Exit 4
GE Plant
Erie Boulevard
Exit 4B
GE Plant
Erie Boulevard
Formerly exits 4A-B eastbound
4.7 Exit 4C
To NY 5
5.2 Exit 5
Proctors Theatre
5.5 Exit 5
6.2 Exit 6
Michigan Avenue
I-890 east NY 7 west I-890 west
7.4 Exit 7
NY 7 East
8.2 Exit 8
High Bridge Road
No trucks over 8 tons
Albany County Schenectady County
9.0 Exit 9A
NY 7 West
Curry Road
Exit 9
NY 7 West To NY 146
Curry Road
I-890 east I-890 west NY 7 east
9.0 Exit 9B
To NY 146
9.5 I-90 West
9.5 I-90 East
I-890 west
Speed Limit 55
Albany County