New York State Roads - I-990 Exit List


I-990 is a small freeway running from I-290 to NY 263. It was planned to run from I-290 to NY 31 east of Lockport, but the portion north of French Road was not built due to lack of funding. In the 90s, the road was extened to NY 263.

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Erie County
Speed Limit 65
0.0 I-990 north I-290 West
0.0 I-290 East
0.8 Exit 1
State University at Bufalo
North Campus
1.5 Exit 2A
Sweet Home Road South
1.5 Exit 2
Sweet Home Road
Exit 2B
Sweet Home Road North
2.5 Exit 3
Audubon Parkway
Exit 3
Audubon Parkway
State University at Buffalo
North Campus
4.1 Exit 4
North French Road
5.9 Exit 5
NY 263
Millersport Highway
I-990 south
Speed Limit 65
Erie County