New York State Roads - Korean War Veterans Parkway Exit List

Korean War Veterans Parkway

The Korean War Veterans Parkway is the only parkway in Staten Island and runs thorugh the central/southern portion of the island. It ends at a stub and was planned to extend to I-278 at an unused (and subsequently removed) interchange; this extension was cancelled for environmental reasons, as was a planned spur from the interchange with NY 440 known as Wolfe's Pond Parkway. The road was renamed from the Richmond Parkway in 1997.

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Richmond County
Borough of Staten Island
Speed Limit 45
0.0 Korean War Veterans Parkway north NY 440 South
Outerbridge Crossing
New Jersey
Bridge only
0.0 Park and Ride
Speed Limit 50 Speed Limit 45
0.0 NY 440 North
West Shore Expressway
Last exit in New York
0.7 Maguire Avenue
Foster Road
Huguenet Avenue
All commercial traffic
Maguire Avenue
Bloomingdale Road
Arthur Kill Road
1.7 Huguenot Avenue
Foster Road
2.8 Arden Avenue
Annedale Road
Speed Limit 30 Speed Limit 50
3.6 Richmond Avenue South
3.6 Richmond Avenue North
Arthur Kill Road
Korean War Veterans Parkway south At-grade intersection
Speed Limit 30
Richmond County
Borough of Staten Island