New York State Roads - NY 179 Exit List

NY 179

NY 179 is the Mile Strip Expressway, a short freeway running from NY 5 to US 62. The freeway was intended to be part of the Belt Expressway, an outer loop around Buffalo which would have connected to the LaSalle Expressway. Originally curving into the Thruway interchange with an intersection with Milestrip Road, the roadway was realigned in 2001 and NY 179 was extended east to US 20 along a realignment and expansion of Milestrip Road.

Mile Eastbound Westbound Notes
Erie County
Speed Limit 55
0.0 NY 179 east NY 5
Woodlawn Beach State Park
Buffalo Outer Harbor
0.5 Mile Strip Road
Plant Entrance
0.6 Martin Avenue
1.2 NY 179 east
US 62
Freeway Ends
NY 179 west
Speed Limit 55
Erie County