New York State Roads - NY 5S Exit List


NY 5S has a freeway segment extending from Utica to Mohawk; this forms Utica's east-west arterial. The majority of the freeway was built in the early 1970s; a two lane extenstion bypassing Ilion was built in the 80s. The speed limit is only 55 as bicyclists can legally use the highway.

Mile Eastbound Westbound Notes
Oneida County
Speed Limit 55
1.1 NY 5S east NY 5S west
Broad Street
Freeway Ends
2.5 Culver Avenue To Broad Street
Culver Avenue
3.0 Turner Street Right-in, right-out only
Herkimer County Oneida County
4.1 Dyke Road
West Schuyler
CR 37 CR 241
9.3 Frankfort
Fair Grounds
Cemetary Street
Fair Grounds
CR 96 To NY 171
11.6 Ilion
West Main Street
Main Street
Begin two-lane undivided freeway (super-2)
12.7 NY 51
To NY 5
14.3 NY 5S east NY 28 north
NY 28 South
Freeway Ends
NY 5S west
Speed Limit 55
Herkimer County