New York State Roads - NY 9A Exit List


NY 9A in Westchester County follows the Briarcliff-Peekskill Parkway. The parkway is a freeway from the Saw Mill River Parkway to US 9, acting as an extension of the Croton Expressway.

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Westchester County
Speed Limit 45
32.0 NY 9A north NY 9A south
Freeway Ends
32.0 Powell Place At-grade intersection
NY 9A north NY 100 north NY 9A south
32.1 NY 100 NY 141
32.2 Saw Mill River Parkway South
Passenger Cars Only
32.3 Westchester County Police At-grade intersection
Speed Limit 55 Speed Limit 45
33.4 NY 117
Sleepy Hollow
33.9 Taconic State Parkway South
New York City
Passenger Cars Only
Speed Limit 45 Speed Limit 55
35.1 Pleasantville Rd
35.3 Carleton Avenue At-grade intersection
35.4 NY 100 North
NY 9A north NY 9A south NY 100 south
35.6 Trustco Bank
35.7 North State Road At-grade intersection
35.9 Parkway Road At-grade intersection
36.4 Chappaqua Road At-grade intersection
36.9 NY 133
37.2 Ryder Road
37.6 John-Paul Roorigues Ossining Operations Center
Speed Limit 40
38.1 Forgotten Way At-grade intersection
Speed Limit 45
38.2 NY 134 At-grade intersection
38.4 Hawkes Avenue
38.6 Stormytown Road At-grade intersection
39.0 Cedar Lane
39.3 Parking Area
39.5 Shady Lane Farm Road
39.7 US 9 north NY 9A north NY 9A south
Speed Limit 40
Westchester County