New York State Roads - Palisades Interstate Parkway Exit List

Palisades Interstate Parkway

The Palisades Interstate Parkway runs along the Hudson River in New Jersey and New York. It begins at the New Jersey Turnpike at the George Washington Bridge and ends at US 6 and US 9 near the Bear Mountain Bridge. A potential extension south to the Garden State Parkway was never constructed.

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
11.1 New York
Rockland County
New Jersey
Bergen County
Speed Limit 55
Palisades Parkway north Palisades Parkway south
13.0 Kings Ferry Service Area
13.7 Exit 5N
NY 303 North
13.7 Exit 5S
NY 303 South
14.7 Exit 6E
Orangeburg Road
14.7 Exit 6W
CR 20
Orangeburg Road
Pearl River
17.4 Exit 7
CR 42
Town Line Road
18.3 Exit 8E
NY 59 East
18.3 Exit 8W
NY 59 West
Spring Valley
19.1 Exit 9E
I-87 South I-287 East
White Plains
19.1 Exit 9W
I-87 North I-287 West
20.6 Exit 10
North Middletown Road
New City
CR 33
22.8 Exit 11
CR 80
New Hempstead
New City
24.5 Exit 12
NY 45
Exit 12
NY 45
New Hempstead
Spring Valley
25.5 Exit 13
US 202 CR 47
Exit 13
US 202
27.9 Exit 14
CR 98
Willow Grove Road
29.0 Exit 15
CR 106
Gate Hill Road
Stony Point
30.4 Exit 16
Lake Welch Drive
Lake Welch
Sebago Beach
33.5 Palisades Interstate Park Commission Visitor Center
Orange County Rockland County
34.2 Exit 17
Anthony Wayne Recreation Area
Palisades Parkway north US 6 east Palisades Parkway south
34.6 Exit 18
US 6 West
Central Valley
Seven Lakes Drive
To NY 17 To I-87
Long Mountain Parkway
35.1 Exit 19
Perkins Memorial Drive
Bear Mountain Park
37.4 US 6 East US 9W US 202
West Point
Bear Mountain Bridge
Palisades Parkway south US 6 west Roundabout
Speed Limit 55
Orange County