New York State Roads - Rochester, NY Invitational Roadmeet

We met at 11 at The Distillery on Winton Road. After the tour, most of us then had dinner at Sticky Lips.

Meet Tour

From The Distillery, we turned right onto Winton Road and drove through the recently constructed diverging diamond interchange.

Diverging Diamond
Diverging Diamond

From the diverging diamond, we took I-590 and I-390 over the Genesee River, getting off at NY 383 and parking on Genesee Street to view the I-390 over the Genesee and an abandoned railroad bridge.

I-390 Genesee River Bridge
Abandoned Rail Bridge
Erie Canal

We then headed north on NY 383 and crossed the Ford Street Bridge.

Ford St Bridge

We proceeded north on NY 15 into downtown Rochester, turning left onto Court Street with the intention of parking on the bridge. It was full, so we meandered over the the Broad Street Bridge. From there we walked a circle past many old signs, including a US 15 marker left over from the 70s, and the abandoned subway tunnel.

Court St Bridge
Troup-Howell Bridge
Old Shields
US 15 Shield
Broad St Bridge
Abandoned Subway Tunnel

We meandered over to Plymouth Avenue and got on to I-490, crossing the former Troup-Howell Bridge and circling around the Inner Loop, part of which was removed a couple of years after the meet.

Inner Loop
Inner Loop

We headed east on I-490 to NY 441 and traveled the expressway portion of NY 441, constructed in the 80s to bypass Penfield Road, which formerly carried the NY 441 designation. The road has Rochester's first traffic light with a flashing yellow arrow.

NY 441

We turned around and took Linden Avenue back to I-490, taking I-490 and NY 590 to the NY 286 expressway, detouring down there and returning to NY 590 via Blossom Road, formerly NY 286, then NY 286A (the designations flipped in the 70s), and now a reference route

NY 286

Heading north on NY 590, we passed through the section narrowed to two lanes and renamed to Sea Breeze Drive and crossed the Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge.

Sea Breeze Dr
Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge

We continued down Lake Road and turned right onto Bay Road to NY 104, detouring on residential streets around an incident. We took NY 104 west to the end of the freeway, getting off at Maplewood Drive and Bridge View Drive to drive under the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

Veterans Memorial Bridge

We drove over to Lake Avenue and headed north to the Lake Ontario waterfront, parking on River Street to view the remains of the Hojack Swing Bridge (now demolished; demolition was in progress at the time of the meet) and the Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse.

Hojack Swing Bridge
Hojack Swing Bridge
Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse

We bactracked down Lake Avenue for a stop at Tim Hortons before heading back north along St. Paul Boulevard to the Lake Ontario State Parkway. Driving down the Parkway, we took a quick stop at the Braddock Point Lighthouse to take the meet picture, before continuing down the Parkway. We then headed south down NY 260 to NY 31 and NY 531, meandering down I-490 to NY 204, clinching NY 204 before taking I-390 back to The Distillery.

Lake Ontario State Parkway
Lake Ontario State Parkway