New York State Roads - South Mall Arterial Exit List

The South Mall Arterial, originally the South Mall Expressway, is a small expressway in Downtown Albany. Parts of it are currently designated as US 9, US 20, and reference route 913V. The road has stubs on either end; it was intended to have through lanes under Empire State Plaza that would have extended west to the Mid-Crosstown Expressway. To the east, it was intended to head towards I-90 at exit 8 and feed into NY 43.

Mile Eastbound Westbound Notes
Albany County
Speed Limit 30
0.0 South Mall Arterial East U turn
0.0 South Swan Street
0.2 Empire State Plaza US 20
At-grade intersections
US 20 South Mall Arterial West
0.5 US 20 West NY 32
South Pearl Street
US 20 east US 9 south US 20
0.8 Parking Garage
0.8 I-787 US 9 North To Thruway
Rensselaer County Albany County
1.2 Broadway
Rail Station
NY 151
1.5 US 9 South US 20 East
East Greenbush
Expressway Ends
US 20 west US 9 north
Speed Limit 30
Rensselaer County