New York State Roads - Upper Mountain Road Exit List

Upper Mountain Road's western end forms a freeway connection between I-190, NY 104, and the Niagara Scenic Parkway. At one time it provided access from the parkway northbound to I-190, but this access was removed when the parkway was narrowed to two lanes.

Mile Eastbound Westbound Notes
Niagara County
Speed Limit 40
0.0 Niagara Scenic Parkway North
Fort Niagara
No Commercial Traffic
0.0 Niagara Scenic Parkway South
Niagara Falls
No Commercial Traffic
Ramp diverges before NY 104 west ramp
0.1 Upper Mountain Road East NY 104 West
Niagara Falls
0.1 NY 104 East
0.5 I-190 South
Niagara Falls
0.5 Canada I-190 North ON 405 West To QEW To Toronto
0.6 Upper Mountain Road East
Military Road
Freeway Ends
Upper Mountain Road West
Speed Limit 35 Speed Limit 40
Niagara County