New York State Roads - US 4 Exit List

US 4

US 4 is a freeway between New York and Rutland. The first segment, from Castletwon to West Rutland opened in 1969, and the extension to New York opened in 1971. The original alignment of US 4 was then designated VT 4A. The last section, east to US 7, opened in 1986 and the original alignment became Business US 4. At the western end, there is grading for what was planned to be a trumpet interchange with VT 4A.

Mile Eastbound Westbound Notes
0.0 Vermont
Rutland County
New York
Washington County
Speed Limit 55
US 4 east US 4 west
0.1 VT 4A
Fair Haven Rest Area
Weigh Station
Fair Haven Rest Area
At-grade intersection
Speed Limit 65
Minimum 40
Speed Limit 55
1.7 Exit 2
Milepoint Exit 2

VT 22A
Fair Haven
2.6 Exit 3
Milepoint Exit 3

To VT 4A
Fair Haven
5.5 Exit 4
Milepoint Exit 5

VT 30
Castleton Corners
7.7 Exit 5
Milepoint Exit 7

To VT 4A
11.2 Parking Area
14.9 Exit 6
Milepoint Exit 14

Business US 4 To VT 4A To VT 3
West Rutland
Railroad Crossing
Speed Limit 55 Speed Limit 65
Minimum 40
18.8 US 4 East US 7 To VT 103
US 4 west Diamond Run Mall
At-grade intersection
Speed Limit 55
Rutland County