New York State Roads - US 9W Exit List


US 9W has a couple freeway segments in the Hudson Valley, one south of Newburgh near West Point, and another short segment around Kingston. The expressway south of Newburgh is essentially a "Jersey freeway" with private driveway access; it was built as a bypass of the Storm King Highway, modern NY 218. In Kingston, the short freeway segment would have continued north to US 209 and was cancelled for environmental reasons. In Albany, US 9W would have followed the cancelled Mid-Crosstown Arterial to US 9.

West Point

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Orange County
Speed Limit 55 Speed Limit 40
23.4 US 9W north US 9W south
Old State Road
Expressway Ends
29.4 NY 218
Highland Falls
West Point
US 9W north NY 218 north US 9W south
31.1 NY 218 South
West Point
32.1 NY 218 North NY 293
Central Valley
West Point
US 9W north US 9W south NY 218 south
33.3 Parking Area
33.5 Parking Area
35.1 Parking Area
35.7 Mountain Road At-grade intersection
35.9 Deer Hill Road At-grade intersection
36.6 Pecks Road At-grade intersection
37.7 Continental Road At-grade intersection
36.8 Old West Point Road At-grade intersection
36.9 Rock Acres At-grade intersection
37.0 Kenridge Farm Drive
Continental Road
At-grade intersection
37.6 Angola Road CR 9
Speed Limit 45 Speed Limit 55
38.0 Quaker Avenue
CR 107
38.1 Brewster Road At-grade intersection
38.2 Chadeayne Avenue At-grade intersection
38.3 Laurel Avenue At-grade intersection
38.4 Canterbury Avenue At-grade intersection
38.6 Willow Avenue CR 32
Speed Limit 55 Speed Limit 45
39.3 NY 218
Speed Limit 45 Speed Limit 55
40.0 US 9W north
Forge Hill Road
Sloop Hill Road
Expressway Ends
US 9W south
Speed Limit 45
Orange County


Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Ulster County
Speed Limit 45
73.8 US 9W north US 9W south
Murray Street
Freeway Ends
74.0 Delaware Avenue
75.2 US 9W North NY 32 US 9W south At-grade intersection
Speed Limit 45
Ulster County