New York State Roads - VT 289 Exit List

VT 289

VT 289 is a two-lane nondivided freeway bypassing the VT 2A, VT 15, and VT 117 intersection in Essex Junction and the only freeway in Vermont with mileage-based exit numbers. The original plans included extensions to VT 127 to the west and I-89 to the south/east. These extensions are cancelled, but the eastern one may get built eventually due to traffic to/from IBM. Despite rumors, VT 289 was never intended to be I-289.

Mile Eastbound Westbound Notes
Chittenden County
Speed Limit 50
7.7 VT 289 east Exit 7
Essex Junction
9.6 Exit 9
VT 15
10.1 Exit 10
Essex Way
12.2 Exit 12
VT 117
VT 289 west
Speed Limit 50
Chittenden County