New York State Roads - Wantagh State Parkway Exit List

Wantagh State Parkway

The Wantagh State Parkway is a north-south parkway connecting the Northern State Parkway with Jones Beach. The first section near Jones Beach was originally known as Jones Beach Causeway and opened in 1929. The parkway was extended north in the 1930s, first to the Southern State Parkway, and later to the Northern State Parkway. There was also a proposed extension to I-495.

Mile Southbound Northbound Notes
Nassau County
Speed Limit 55
0.0 Wantagh Parkway south Northern Parkway West
New York
0.0 Northern Parkway East
1.4 Exit W2 W
Old Country Road West
1.4 Exit W2 E
Old Country Road East
3.7 Exit W3 W
NY 24 West
3.7 Exit W3 E
NY 24 East
5.7 Exit W4 W
Southern Parkway West
New York
5.7 Exit W4 E
Southern Parkway East
Eastern Long Island
7.7 Exit W5 W
NY 27 West
New York
7.7 Exit W5 E
NY 27 East
Exit W5 E
NY 27 East
All trucks buses trailers exit
8.3 Exit W6 W
Merrick Road West
8.3 Exit W6 E
Merrick Road East
Exit W6
Merrick Road
11.6 Fishing Pier
11.9 Drawbridge
12.5 Turnaround
Speed Limit 40 Speed Limit 55
13.1 Bay Parkway
13.4 Ocean Parkway Wantagh Parkway north Roundabout
Speed Limit 40
Nassau County