New York State Roads - Niagara Scenic Parkway Exit List

Niagara Scenic Parkway

The Niagara Scenic Parkway, formerly the Robert Moses State Parkway, runs along the Niagara River. At one time, the Lake Ontario State Parkway would have extended westward to intersect it near Fort Niagara; the only indications of this are some barely visible stub ramps at the northern end, and the spur ramps to Fort Niagara. Various portions of the parkway have been removed and/or downgraded. The portion of the Parkway under the Rainbow Bridge near the falls was removed, and the portion north of there was reduced to two lanes as part of a very slow conversion of the other two lanes to a bike path. The remaining northbound section of the southern section into the park was recently converted into a "Riverway" and the interchange turned into a roundabout.

Southern Section

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Niagara County
Speed Limit 55
0.0 Niagara Scenic Parkway north To NY 384 To NY 265
LaSalle Expressway east
0.5 I-190
1.8 Power Authority
Water Intakes
Overlook Parking
Overlook Parking Turnaround
Speed Limit 45
2.6 Waterfowl Viewing Area
Speed Limit 35 Speed Limit 55
3.4 Old Stone Chimney Parking Area
3.6 Overlook Parking Area
3.7 Niagara Falls State Park
American Falls
John B. Daly Boulevard
Downtown Niagara Falls
Seneca Niagara Casino
To Rainbow Bridge
Niagara Scenic Parkway south Roundabout
Speed Limit 35
Niagara County

Northern Section

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Niagara County
Speed Limit 40
6.7 Niagara Scenic Parkway north Findlay Drive
Whirlpool Street
Bridge to Canada
To NY 104
At-grade intersection
7.0 Whirlpool State Park
Gorge Trails
At-grade intersection
8.3 NY 104 To I-190
Devils Hole
Niagara University
Power Vista
Devils Hole State Park
Speed Limit 55 Speed Limit 40
11.5 NY 104 NY 18F
Lewiston Artpark
To I-190 NY 104 West
11.5 NY 104 East NY 18F
13.9 Pletcher Road
Joseph Davis State Park
17.1 NY 93
Fort Niagara State Park South Enterance
NY 93
17.3 To NY 18
4 Mile Creek State Campsite
Robert Moses State Parkway north
17.7 NY 18F
Fort Niagara
19.7 4 Mile Creek State Campsite
20.0 NY 18 Niagara Scenic Parkway south At-grade intersection
Speed Limit 55
Niagara County