New York State Roads - Sagtikos State Parkway Exit List

Sagtikos State Pakway

The Sagtikos State Parkway is a connector between the Northern State Parkway and the Southern State Parkway, originally envisioned as an expansion of the Long Island Parkway system with three spurs: the Sunken Meadow State Parkway, Robert Moses Causeway, and Heckscher State Parkway. Originally envisioned in the 1920s, it was opened in 1952 and built on land donated from the historic Sagtikos Manor.

Mile Southbound Northbound Notes
Suffolk County
Speed Limit 55
Sagtikos Parkway south Sunken Meadow Parkway north
0.0 Exit SM1 W
Northern Parkway West
New York
0.0 Exit SM1 E
Northern Parkway East
Eastern Long Island
1.0 Exit S1 W
I-495 West
New York
1.0 Exit S1 E
I-495 East
1.5 Exit S2
Pilgrim Psychiactric Center
Exit S2
Crooked Hill Road
College Road
SCCC - LIU Grant
CR 13
3.3 Exit S3
Pine Aire Drive
Deer Park
5.2 Exit S4
Southern Parkway East
East Islip
5.2 Southern Parkway West
New York
Sagtikos Parkway north
Speed Limit 55
Suffolk County