New York State Roads - 2013 Update Archive

December 25, 2013

Added link to Greater NY Roads; updated photo gallery code

December 23, 2013

Added photos to I-390, I-490, NY 5, and NY 33

December 19, 2013

Added NY 304 and Palisades Interstate Parkway exit lists

December 12, 2013

Added US 209/NY 199 exit list, added county road information for existing Hudson Valley exit lists, adjusted Canadian shield size

December 5, 2013

Added county route information to upstate exit lists (except for the Hudson Valley)

November 24, 2013

Updated rest areas on exit lists to reflect 2011 closures

November 21, 2013

Added NY 7, NY 85, NY 201, and NY 363 exit lists; updated I-87 exit list

November 20, 2013

Added photos for I-481, I-81, NY 173, and I-90

November 16, 2013

Added US 219 and NY 400 exit lists; updated NY 5 Utica and NY 12 exit lists

November 12, 2013

Added meet notes for the Burlington, VT meet

November 11, 2013

Added photos for NY 74, NY 185, NY 5S, NY 49, VT F5, US 7, I-189, I-89, US 2 (VT), VT 117, VT 289, VT 2A, US 7 Alternate, and VT 127

November 3, 2013

Added NY 33, NY 179, and NY 198 exit lists

October 26, 2013

Added Robert Moses State Parkway exit list; adjusted MassPike and Thruway exit list shields

October 20, 2013

Added LaSalle Expressway exit list; adjusted Garden State Parkway exit list shields

October 15, 2013

Added photos to I-90 (NY), NY 14, NY 14A, NY 247, I-390, and I-590

October 13, 2013

Updated I-390 exit list to add control city for southbound exit to I-590, reflecting new signage; corrected I-86 exit list

October 8, 2013

Updated US 15 exit list to reflect opening of northbound freeway lanes

October 6, 2013

All photos are now uploaded! I also added a subsection for roadmeets that I've hosted in the information section.

September 22, 2013

I'm going to change the photo gallery over to a less intelligent, but much easier to update, system. This should allow me to get current with all the pictures uploaded.

September 16, 2013

Updated I-86 exit list due to designation in eastern Chemung County

September 14, 2013

Added notes on Lake Ontario State Parkway exit list about the winter closure between NY 18 and NY 98

September 8, 2013

Updated Inner Loop exit list to better reflect signage.

September 2, 2013

Updated US 15 exit list to reflect opening of southbound freeway lanes; photo adding ongoing

August 18, 2013

Added I-684 exit list; also, I will be catching up on my photo backlog, adding images to the gallery over time starting with 2007

August 15, 2013

Added I-787 exit list

August 11, 2013

Updated I-86/NY 17 exit list to reflect exit number change in Hornell, updated US 15 exit list for new mileage-based numbers

August 8, 2013

Added I-587 exit list

July 30, 2013

Added I-84 exit list; will be doing some server maintenance soon, so don't be suprised in the site goes down for a short time :)

July 21, 2013

Adjusted Oneida CR 840 and Steuben CR 333 shields

July 15, 2013

Updated I-81 exit list to reflect permanent closure of rest area near Central Square

July 12, 2013

Replaced HTTP 403 error image

July 6, 2013

Added NY 5S exit list

July 2, 2013

Added NY 49 exit list

June 23, 2013

Added NY 13 exit list

June 22, 2013

Added NY 840 exit list; fixed cosemetic glitch on NY 8 exit list

June 16, 2013

Updated image for Monroe County reference marker; fixed Borough of The Bronx on I-87 and I-95; fixed Culver Road on I-490; added note for Crossgates Mall exit on the Adirondack Northway for the I-90 and I-87 lists; updated I-86/NY 17 exit list to reflect the fact that NYSDOT has covered up the I-86 shields in eastern Chemung County

June 15, 2013

Added note on I-95 exit list for exit 21; added NY 8 and NY 12 exit lists

June 14, 2013

Official launch of New York State Roads!