New York State Roads - 2016 Update Archive

December 17, 2016

Added photos for I-95 (VA/MD/DE/PA/NJ), I-64 (VA), I-495 (VA/MD/DE), I-195 (MD), MD 166 (MD), I-695 (MD), I-476 (PA), I-76 (PA), I-276 (PA), NJ 18 (NJ), and I-287 (NJ/NY); updated the exit lists with the Niagara Scenic Parkway shield; and added the Planned New York article

December 3, 2016

Added photos for I-20 (AL/GA), I-75 (GA), I-85 (GA/SC/NC/VA), I-85 Business (SC), I-40 (NC), and I-95 (VA); corrected I-89 and NY 531 exit lists and the MPO page

November 19, 2016

Added photos for I-20 (AL), I-59 (AL), I-65 (AL), US 31 (AL), I-22 (AL), AL 5 (AL), US 280 (AL), AL 149 (AL), I-390 (NY), I-490 (NY), I-890 (NY), NY 2 (NY), NY 7 (NY), NY 22 (NY), NY 22A (NY), US 4 (NY), and US 9 (NY); added the I-87 Spur exit list; updated the About page; and updated the I-81, I-86/NY 17, I-90, I-390/NY 390, Thruway, Fuller Road Alternate, I-86/NY 17 Spur, and Taconic State Parkway exit lists

November 5, 2016

Updated I-684, I-86/NY 17, I-495, I-89, I-390, and I-890 exit lists; added photos for I-81 (VA/TN), I-64 (VA), I-581 (VA), I-77 (VA), I-381 (VA), US 11W (VA), I-40 (TN), I-75 (TN), I-24 (TN/GA), I-59 (GA/AL), I-759/AL 759 (AL), and I-20 (AL)

October 15, 2016

Added photos for I-80 (NJ/PA), I-99 (PA), I-76 (PA), I-70 (PA/MD), US 30 (PA), and I-81 (WV/VA)

October 1, 2016

Added the report for the Capital District Roadmeet; added the fictional NY 490 freeway page; updated fictional signage page; updated I-87, I-89, I-91, I-495, NY 85, and Washington Avenue Extension exit lists; added photos for US 9W, NY 32, NY 85, NY 2, and Washington Avenue Extension

September 10, 2016

Updated I-781 and I-495 exit lists; added link to Sure, Why Not? blog; tweaked photo gallery display page; added photos for NJ 18, I-87, NY 431, NY 73, US 9, NY 22, NY 74, I-90, I-490, US 20, and NY 78

August 27, 2016

Updated exit list descriptions for the Sagtikos Parkway, the Saw Mill River Parkway, the Sprain Brook Parkway, the South Mall Arterial, Suffolk CR 97, Suffolk CR 99, Suffolk CR 105, the Sunken Meadow Parkway, the Wantagh State Parkway, Washington Avenue Extension, and West Street; updated Suffolk CR 105 and Washington Avenue Extension exit lists

August 13, 2016

Updated exit list descriptions for the Henry Hudson Parkway, the Hutchinson River Parkway, the I-684 Spur (renamed from the Hutchinson River Parkway Spur), the Jackie Robinson Parkway, the JFK Expressway, the Korean War Vets Parkway, the Lake Ontario State Parkway, the Loop Parkway, the Meadowbrook State Parkway, the Mosholu Parkway, Mt. Read Blvd, the Palisades Interstate Parkway, the Robert Moses Causeway, and the I-678 Spur (renamed from the Whitestone Spur); renamed the BQE Spur to the I-278 Spur; standardized the Niagara Scenic Parkway Spur

July 30, 2016

Updated exit list descriptions for the Belt Parkway/Cross Island Parkway (combined into one list), the Bethpage State Parkway, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Bronx River Parkway, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway Spur, the Central Westchester Parkway, the Cross County Parkway, FDR Drive/Harlem River Drive, Fuller Rd Alternate, the Grand Central Parkway/Northern State Parkway, and the Southern State Parkway/Heckscher Parkway; added photos for I-90 (NY/MA), I-84 (MA/CT), I-91 (CT), I-384 (CT), CT 15, Milford Connector, I-95 (CT), CT 11, and CT 82

July 16, 2016

Updated exit lists, article, and photos page to change Robert Moses State Parkway to Niagara Scenic Parkway; corrected I-90 and Thruway exit lists; updated I-89 exit list; updated exit list descriptions for NY 304, NY 363, NY 378, NY 400, NY 425, NY 434, NY 440, NY 441, NY 531, NY 695, NY 840, the LaSalle Expressway, and the Niagara Scenic Parkway Spur

July 1, 2016

Updated exit lists descriptions for NY 201, NY 204, NY 231, and NY 263; updated I-495, I-90 (NY/PA), and I-787/NY 787 exit lists; added photos for the Winton Road Diverging Diamond, I-390, I-90, NY 324, I-190, NY 104, NY 31, I-79 (PA), I-86/NY 17 (NY/PA), and NY 332

June 18, 2016

Updated exit list descriptions for NY 23, NY 26, NY 27, NY 30, NY 33, NY 49, NY 85, NY 104, NY 117, NY 135, NY 179, and NY 198; updated I-87, I-890, and I-495 exit lists; added photos for US 9, Washington Avenue Extension, NY 73, NY 86, NY 431/Whiteface Mountain, and NY 22

June 4, 2016

Updated exit list descriptions for NY 5, NY 5S, NY 7, NY 8, NY 9A, NY 12, NY 13, and the Taconic State Parkway; updated the I-87, I-90, Thruway, and Taconic State Parkway exit lists; added photos for US 9W, NY 23A, NY 23, NY 385, I-90, NY 49, NY 332, NY 5, NY 8, NY 12, I-790, US 9, and I-87

May 21, 2016

Added exit lists for NY 9H, the Bear Mountain State Parkway, and the Playland Parkway; updated the exit list descriptions for I-781, I-684, I-587, I-787/NY 787, US 9, US 9W, and US 209/NY 199; updated the fictional signs to modern exit tab standards; updated I-690/NY 690 exit list

May 7, 2016

Updated the Garden State Parkway, US 15, I-87, I-86/NY 17, and I-86 Spur/NY 17 Spur exit lists; added photos for NY 212, NY 28A, I-587, US 44, NY 55 (merging in photos from the Mid-Hudson Bridge), NY 299, US 9, US 6, US 202 (merging in photos from the Bear Mountain Bridge), NY 9D, and US 9W; updated the exit list descriptions for I-81, I-81 Spur, I-84, I-88, I-90, I-295, I-495, I-695, I-895, I-89, I-189, I-91, I-93, US 4, US 7, VT 279, and VT 289

April 23, 2016

Updated I-87, I-287, and Thruway exit lists; updated exit list descriptions for I-78, I-278, I-478, I-678, I-878/NY 878, I-481/NY 481, I-87, I-287, I-190, I-390/NY 390, I-490, I-590/NY 590, I-690/NY 690, I-990, I-95, and the Thruway

April 11, 2016

Added link to April Fool's Day 2016 prank, adjusted NY 33 exit list, updated the I-86/NY 17 article, fixed a route name display issue in the photo gallery, and added photos for: NY - I-87, I-84, US 9W, NY 304, NY 32, and I-781; PA - I-84, I-81, I-83, I-83 Business, US 30, PA 741, PA 23, PA 772, I-176, US 422, US 222, I-76, I-283, PA 581, and I-78; MD - I-81, I-70, I-695, and I-83; WV - I-81; and NJ - I-78 and I-95

March 19, 2016

Added MPO article, added link on info page to county route log, revamped the regions article, updated the error pages, updated the I-86/NY 17, Henry Hudson Parkway, I-890, I-95, and I-895 exit lists, fixed a glitch in the mobile rendering of the photo gallery, and fixed the link in the reference markers article

March 5, 2016

Added Inner Loop History article, updated the Inner Loop and I-81 exit lists, and updated the links page

February 21, 2016

Added Robert Moses State Parkway Removals article, updated the Robert Moses State Parkway, I-81, and I-90 exit lists, and added photos for I-90

February 6, 2016

Added US 219 Freeway Upgrade article, made a couple small adjustments to the NY 17/I-86 Conversion article, updated the US 219 exit list, and added photos for I-81, I-86/NY 17, I-88, and NY 363

January 24, 2016

Added NY 17/I-86 Conversion article; added information to the I-86/NY 17 and I-99/US 15 exit lists; updated the NY 12 and I-87 exit lists; added link to CrossCountryRoads

January 9, 2016

Performed some site optimization, updated the I-91 exit list and the fictional US 4 freeway page, and added links to the Travel Mapping website on the links page and in the about section