New York State Roads - 2017 Update Archive

December 2, 2017

Updated I-91, I-87, Bronx River Parkway, I-495, Inner Loop, I-490, and NY 531 exit lists; updated links and about pages; updated the NY 490 fictional freeway proposal; and added photos for NY 28, NY 30, NY 3, US 11, I-781, I-81, I-90/Thruway, I-86/Southern Tier Expressway, I-99/US 15, NY 14, NY 329, NY 14A, I-490, NY 531, the Inner Loop, and NY 365

October 21, 2017

Updated I-678, I-295, I-95, I-81, US 9, NY 9A, Henry Hudson Parkway, and I-86/NY 17 exit lists; standardized exit list inclusion with respect to NYC bridges; updated the MPO page; added photos for NY (US 9, NY 9A, Harlem River Drive, FDR Drive, Henry Hudson Parkway, I-87/Thruway, I-90/Thruway, I-88, NY 8, NY 17/Quickway, NY 97, NY 9N, NY 86, NY 3, NY 30, and I-87/Adirondack Northway) and NJ (I-80 and I-95/NJ Turnpike)

September 9, 2017

Split I-86/NY 17 photo gallery page; added photos for NY 49, NY 825, I-690, and I-90/Thruway; updated I-87, I-287, Thruway, I-86, and Grand Central Parkway exit lists

August 12, 2017

Split I-87 and I-90 (NY) photo gallery pages; added photos for I-87/Adirondack Northway, NY 22A, and NY 364; updated I-278 exit list; updated About and Links pages

July 22, 2017

Updated I-790, NY 12, I-278, I-89, I-495, and I-95 exit lists; added photos for I-87, I-90, NY 441, I-390/NY 390, Lake Ontario State Parkway, Upper Mountain Road, Niagara Scenic Parkway, NY 104, NY 252, I-790, NY 5, NY 8, NY 12, NY 49, NY 22, US 7 (CT), I-84 (CT), I-95 (CT), CT 8, and CT 25

June 24, 2017

Updated I-89, I-87, I-90, Thruway, I-490, I-790, and NY 5 exit lists; added photos for I-81

June 3, 2017

Corrected I-87, I-478, and I-495 exit lists; standardized exit lists referring to renamed NYC crossings; updated NY 5 and NY 12 exit lists; added photos for DE (I-295), NJ (I-295, I-76, I-676, I-95, I-78, NJ 185, and NJ 440), PA (I-676, I-95, and I-76), and NY (NY 440, I-278, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, NY 25, Bronx River Parkway, NY 22, US 9, I-84, and I-81)

May 20, 2017

Updated I-90, Thruway, NY 5, and NY 12 exit lists; added photos for WV (US 19 and I-64), VA (I-64, I-81, I-95, I-195, and I-495), MD (I-495, I-270, I-370, I-95, I-595, US 50, US 301, I-97, I-895, I-695, and I-795), and NY (NY 30, NY 7, US 20, US 9, NY 373, NY 185, I-87, NY 86, NY 431, NY 73, and I-787)

May 6, 2017

Split off Berkshire Spur and Garden State Parkway exit lists from Thruway exit list; updated I-278 exit list; added photos for WV (East Beckley Bypass, I-64, I-77, US 19, Fayette Station Road, and WV 121) and NY (NY 23, I-90, I-390, I-590/NY 590, I-690, I-81, NY 7, and I-88)

April 23, 2017

Updated I-190, Thruway, NY 363, NY 7, and I-678 exit lists; added photos for MD (US 522, I-68) and WV (I-68, I-79, WV 310, I-77, I-64, East Beckley Bypass, and US 19)

April 8, 2017

Updated photos index page; standardized exit lists for routes without shields; corrected fictional signs page; updated I-84 and I-278 exit lists; added photos for NY (I-86/NY 17), PA (US 11, I-476, I-276, I-76, I-176, US 222, US 30, PA 283, and I-70), and MD (US 522)

March 19, 2017

Updated exit lists index to improve performance; updated Niagara Scenic Parkway, I-88, NY 5, NY 7, and NY 104 exit lists; updated photos index

February 20, 2017

Added photos for NY 7, VT 279, and VT 9; updated I-478, Henry Hudson Parkway, I-495, I-88, I-87, I-81, and NY 440 exit lists; updated links page; transferred web hosting to external host

January 14, 2017

Updated Washington Avenue Extension, I-87, I-90, I-88, Henry Hudson Parkway, I-495, and I-478 exit lists; updated I-86/NY 17 article; added photos for NY 85

January 1, 2017

Added photos for NY 204 and optimized some gallery code; updated NY 49 exit list; standardized exit list notation of welcome centers; updated links page